Silence, 1964 (Kazimierz Kutz) The Golden Coach, 1954 (W. Swierzy) Hope for Two Pennies, 1952 (W. Swierzy) L’auberge rouge, 1955 (W. Swierzy)

I recently watched a short documentary about Polish movie posters called Freedom on the Fence. Made in 2009, and only 40 minutes long, it is a nice introduction to that world which concisely explains the particular set of circumstances that gave rise to the incredible flowering of creativity that was the Polish poster of the 1950s and 60s. An audio interview with Henryk Tomaszewski, the father of the Polish poster, explains how the systematic destruction of Warsaw by the retreating Nazis in 1945, which left 80% of the city in ruins, gave rise to a landscape of rubble and fences which basically created an open-air art gallery for posters.

Great little article on Polish poster design in the 50s/60s. Read more here: Movie Poster of the Week: “The Golden Coach” and the Early Posters of Waldemar Swierzy on Notebook | MUBI