Thank you. This is why I never really pursued higher education although I want it so desperately. This is no way to run a country.

Everyone needs to see this! Germany also has free higher education so long as you make very good grades. As well as the other Nordic countries, Germany has a high tax also. I really wonder why this is such a big deal in America. The rich keep getting richer and the poor, as well as middle class, keep getting poorer.

Ireland’s (now unfortunately getting more expensive) cheap third level Education = the only reason I have a degree. I hope when the country is back on its feet that the third level system will go back to being as accessible as it was 3-4 years ago.

The Nordic system is obviously working…

How many US students are there in debt?
Yeah sure our education is “better” - but look at how many kids are in debt to pay off learning. It’s hard to get a job out of college, even with a degree in the US.
The US system isn’t much better. 

I don’t know an awful lot about the US system admittedly (other than the fact that university over there is significantly more expensive). In the UK though, we also end up ‘in debt’, and it is also difficult to find work. Nevertheless, our top universities are better than the Nordic countries’ top universities. So are North America’s. It’s all well and good giving free education to everyone, but if that education is substandard, then it’s almost pointless. Should everyone have poor education or should some people have the best?

“Should everyone have poor education or should some people have the best?”

Spot on, spot on. These are the same people who, if they lived in the UK or elsewhere, would dispose of grammar schools, which offer those from poorer backgrounds a ticket out.

Why permit some people with high academic ability to surpass the others when you can bring everyone down to a lower level? Then we can have even more students taking pointless Mickey Mouse subjects like Media and Gender studies! Herp!

My friend’s brother just graduated with a degree in engineering and got hired immediately by a company that is just throwing money at him. He’s living in a hotel in Melbourne now, rolling in it. Auckland Uni isn’t even a top ranking university anymore but he still got a really good job because he got a useful degree. Also, doesn’t the US offer a wide range of scholarships for people who need financial assistance and have proven their abilities? You have universities that offer classes on Playstation games. If you majored in gaming and can’t find a job that’s really not anyone else’s fault. 


But… wow.. how did the words “poor education” even come into the picture? We’re talking about universities. I don’t think you can call it poor education just because they’re not in the top ten. Do you have any idea how many universities there are in the world? Even if it’s not in top 100 it’s a really good university. And it’s not just about the schools, it really depends on the students too and what they bring to the university. 

So.. Should everyone have the chance to get an education or should only the rich kids have the best? 

Oh boy, tough one. I really like the idea of an equal society, so why not let everyone get the chance? I guess those rich kids can learn something from studying with people less fortunate.

I’ll shut up now. 

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