Orange Stage - photo: CphCph SPECKTORS - photo: SPECKTORS - photo: SPECKTORS - photo: Malk de Koijn - photo: CphCph Mac Miller - photo: Jacob Dinesen Wiz Khalifa - photo: Per Lange Soft Slush Ice Björk - photo: Steffen Jørgensen Lebowski style

Photos by: CphCph,, Jacob Dinesen, Per lange, Steffen Jørgensen and bad iphone snapshots by me. Click on the photos to see the credits.

Roskilde Festival ‘12 was kickass. I didn’t get to see as many concerts as I had hoped to because 1) I started out by getting a crazy fever and 2) I had to drop by my dentist cause one of my wisdom teeth were behaving very strangely and they decided to remove it (I have never tried getting anaesthesia before, so that was kinda fun. Except for all the bleeding - it took 3-4 hours to stop it!! Jeez.) So.. what I’m trying to say is, despite the fact that I was moving about very slowly and dizzily most of the festival, I did get to see a lot of great concerts!

Some of my favourite moments…

SPECKTORS. Crazy good and so much fun. I had dressed up in my most ugly, multicoloured adidas jogging suit (lågsus) and everyone jumped and danced like idiots for the entire concert - right until 4 AM or something like that. Then I met my dad for a night/morning snack and biked home in the early morning sun. Riding home at this time of the day when the birds start singing and the city is all empty and quiet - it’s one of my favourite things!

Bon Iver. Just beautiful and perfect.

Jack White. Everything this guy does is genius. And he had the most amazing band. Oh and they played Seven Nation Army and My Doorbell, it was amazing! Gotta buy his new album now. 

Malk de Koijn. They don’t even need a reason. 

Alabama Shakes. Respect! Album now bought. They’re on fire. 

When Janelle Monáe played Jackson 5 and crowdsurfed. Just… high five!

Wiz Khalifa. Only heard about 30 minutes of the concert, but it was 30 badass minutes.

Mac Miller. Don’t know who he is, but he rocked the stage! 

The fact that Björk dedicated her last song to Eyjafjallajökull.. because why not.

Oh… and I have to add this - it has nothing to do with music, but it was a great moment for humankind: Soft Slush Ice. Mix of Soft Ice and Slush Ice. Sounds gross. Looks weird. Tastes awesome!